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tandards and the overall market of country's ▓5G industry is expected to reach 1.15 trillion yuan ($180.5

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billion) by 2026, a nearly 50 percent growth from its 4G market, a consulting company said▓, Economic In


formation Daily reported.In a white paper on th▓e development of China's 5G industry, CCID Consu▓lting sai

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d the wide coverage stage of 4G in China has almost finished, with the number of 4G base stations reaching 3.28 million.

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 It predicted the number of 5G base stations will be 1.1-1.5 times of 4G base stations.The industrial chain▓ of 5G is u

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sually divided into four parts - base stat▓ion systems, network architectures, terminal devices and application scenarios

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, according to the report.China's major device makers have taken a leading position, based on the market advantages o▓f China and their early layout on technical standards, the report said. With fast commercialization of 5G, ▓domestic v

endors are speeding up their R&D in the area of terminal devices and meeting fierce competitions"C▓hina's 5G industrial chain is relatively compl

ete at presen▓t and it has developed certain advantages in some pa▓rts, however, there are

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